The Flash on The Artra Condo!

Expectations for The Artra Condo

The Artra Condo is expected to be one of the hotter properties in the market to be launching in 2017. In the stages of bidding, we witnessed many aggressive bids being fielded by various developers. In the end, the Tang Group won with a price tag of $373.1 million – barely edging out the competition by a small margin of 5%.

What does this mean for investors? – A whole lot actually. This signifies the expectations of developers of this plot of land. One of the key reasons is due to the nature of this development being an integrated one. This means there will be retail shops and offices to accompany residential housing. Of course, the units will be safely isolated away from the hustle and bustle of the activity downstairs.

In fact, the amenities are expected to be top-notch. The developers promise a sky-view on the higher floors of the Artra, which acts as the common space. It will then be the place where function rooms and the clubhouse will be. Those who live there will be excited to invite friends and family to their yearly functions. Residents can expect oo’s and ah’s from all who visit.

the artra bidding developers

Shopping Near the Artra

In cases where the condo facilities┬áisn’t the selling point to entice you, then shopping would potentially be the switch to press. Opposite The Artra lies Anchorpoint shopping center, which fields alluring and perhaps low cost outlet retailers from the likes of G2000 together with Giordano. Working individuals can no longer need to fret too much with visiting the city to obtain work-clothes on weekends. The option to do so is in fact 5-minutes away from your very own doorstep! Best of all, in the event that you might be the sporty sort, Queensway Shopping Center can be found right next to The Artra also. Queensway Shopping Center is known to be Singapore’s preferred area for excellent sports accessories distributed by distributors. They usually sell at a reduced selling price as compared to what brand-owned typical flagship merchants hence that’s excellent news.

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Heading a bit further lies Tiong Bahru shopping center. It simply takes a one-stop MRT trip to arrive at the fantastic shopping mall. It has been going through major renovations for many years up until today, and already you will see the well-built aspects of this revitalisation process. At present the shopping complex manager Land Lease is proclaiming its latest flagship outlets from the likes of Best Denki, Harvey Norman, Cold Storage and many others. This can be just testament to the expectancy of quality from the fresh refurbished shopping plaza.


The Artra Condo is simply a fantastic place to live.┬áIn the event that that you are a resident, or perhaps am still in quest of a different condo for your home, I hope that you simply follow my opinions and consequently choose The Artra. It truly is each Singaporean’s best family home for food and accessibility.