The Clement Canopy Facilities

The Clement Canopy

Pursuing greatness in real estate development, you can expect the best from Clement Canopy to provide you with the ultimate nature inspired luxury. Finding the right choices in your home begin by looking at the Clement Canopy facilities. This is one of the few condos in Singapore with the best facilities known to Singaporeans.

Overview of facilities at Clement Canopy

When you look at facilities, it is important to understand the length of the swimming pool at 50m, it is possible for everyone to swim together at the same time and have a massive pool party. If you are a tennis buff then our tennis courts will be a great addition to your game. Got game? Booking a nice slot for tennis, Clement Canopy Tennis Courts will not disappoint. Finding the right fit and the right location for your facilities is key to finding the right home.

The Clement Canopy Facade

Looking for a meat fest bbq party, book a bbq pit and enjoy the time between you and your family. With few condominiums in Singapore have full fledged facilities like a country club, this nature inspired home will set the stage for you and your family to always be having fun and laughter using these great facilities.

With a security guard and being near Clementi police post your safety is never a concern, living in a mature estate will be the marquee choice for you and you family. Mind over matter, fitness over food, your options to live a life you desire is never beyond you here.

To know more about the facilities, feel free to drop by Clement Canopy at our website to learn more and we promise to not disappoint.